Zhang han and zhang shuang dating

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Their close relationship in both the television drama and real life convinced people they are lovers.

But Zhang and Zheng denied the rumor and said they were close friends.

As a result of the video, Zhang was rewarded and was determined to stick with acting.

Following the establishment of his studio in 2015, Zhang announced that he would be taking part in the production of two upcoming dramas, The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream and Paris is Not in a Good Mood.

During the former press conference, costar Hawick Lau (劉愷威) was congratulated on the birth of his newborn daughter.

Zheng Shuang’s response forced all attention back to her.

However, during an interview, Shuang said their contracts do not permit them to date anyone.

In 2013 they finally announced they were dating, in the middle of 2014, they announced that they broke up and do not mind cooperating together in any movies or TV series in the future. Catch this 2017 Chinese school drama featuring beautiful cinematography and a storyline with the tropes of first love, changing friendships, rivals and the emotional roller coaster of youth!

You said you struggled a bit with the idea of going under knife? If something catches my interest I’ll want to try it out, but nothing illegal.

But no one in the industry would willingly admit to getting cosmetic surgery. You’re not going to follow the industry’s standard procedure? Most actresses wouldn’t answer like this, directly calling someone out for noise marketing. If you’re not afraid to do it, then don’t be afraid to be talked about.

Zheng Shuang then talked about her lack of public appearance for more than a year, saying she was trying to get use to the fame and the media attention that came as a result of Meteor Shower.

I don’t see [plastic surgery] as a secret or private matter. I think it’s fake, but some people want to talk that way.

I think it is something that can be talked about openly. I’m not saying I understand the industry; I only understanding myself, the things I can do or say, I can take responsibility. Zhang Han didn’t want that type of thing to happen either, but if someone does it on purpose, there’s nothing anyone can do.

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