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The database knows that x (the attribute) and 'X' the constant are the same in this case. I have Never used INSTEAD Of trigger and hope you can illustriate some example on the above case to take it forward. For example: A table contain 2 columns and i am running select query for a particular condn. The third query is the same as the second for that fact. LOCATIONKEY FROM my Slb SB, my USERPROF U WHERE SB. Can I rewrite the above with join, and still be able to update/insert the view?

You might argue "why isn't ENAME updateable in the second view" - the answer is "it just isn't". The introduction of your scalar subquery dependent on something made some level of view merging not possible and made the view be marked as not updateable.

TIMEUnit 7 FROM my Table A, my Slb slb, my USERPROF u1 8 where a.cny# = slb.cny# 9 and nvl(a.location#,0) = slb.locationkey 10 and slb. It optimized the one scalar subquery away - it is really like the second - it is a constant.

Even though the third looks like the first - it is more like the second.

No one would argue that EMP is not key preserved in a join to DEPT - given the correct primary/foreign keys in place.

So, they should be key preserved tables and the columns from them must be updatable. Regards, William May 11, 2012 - am UTC There are more requirements than just "key preserved" Key preserved is just one of many requirements.

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