Updating firmware pioneer 107d

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I bought this burner a while back because it was touted to handle BDXL media. When inserted in the Pioneer BDR-2208 (AKA BDR-208UBK) the media is NOT recognized!FINALLY, the price of XL BD-RE media dropped to the point of making it economically feasible to do system backups via optical platter (Sony 100 GB disks in the range shipped direct from Japan). So, 1 hour searching the Pioneer USA web site for newer firmware (my drive is still at factory default FW 1.10 level) followed by a call to Pioneer tech support (took the better part of a half hour on hold in the phone queue) reveals there is NO later FW release for this drive, the ONLY BD-RE XL media they certify the drive for use with is Panasonic (currently 0-200/platter). If Sony certifies the media is BDXL compliant, why in )(*& doesn't the drive at least 'try' to execute read/write maneuvers with it???You can really achieve almost anything you want with this great software by Nic Wilson. Don't forget to support Nic for his great tool ;) Pioneer DVD-ROM utilities for Windows, v1.11 (also v1.03 or v1.0) These utilities allow you to reduce the speed, check/change the region info of your drive or flash a new firmware from within windows.Very handy, except for the zone changer utility of course...It does not seek fortune, for it is complete within itself.It exists beyond space and time." Software and Hardware, ashamed, returned to their homes. And remember that: This is the last update from this site EVER!!!In about 30-seconds or so, you will receive our email with download links from our firmware updates database server.

o DVD drive will be detected as Pioneer after applying patch.

Oh well, if you had a look at the forum (like all wise people should do ;)) you probably picked 'em up already. : o DVD drive will be detected as Pioneer after applying patch.

o If you have trouble using upg4to flash the 1040A, try pick the more recent upg5from other firmwares (like the DVD-115 or DVD-116). : o Unless you already know it, there is no easy way to tell wether you have a 1640 Pro or a 1640 Pro-A drive.

To burn the CD ISO, use a tool like Easy CD Creator, Nero or Fire Burner.

Disc Info v1.5.0 A master utility crafted by my very good friend Hijacker.

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