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It relies on the same technology that Bit Torrent uses to provide direct connections between users, so there's no central hub to snoop on or take down.There are other developers trying to build a secure, peer-to-peer messaging systems, including Briar and, a project co-created by HD Moore, the creator of the popular security testing framework Metasploit.Even married long distance relationships are possible with modern technology.There are many singles on Skype looking to meet new people.There is no recommended i OS version as of yet, but there there is at least one client available.µTox is still rough, but the interface and experience is straightforward.You download the client, and it automatically creates a public encryption key that you can provide to everyone, and a private encryption key that you keep on your computer or phone. You can add a friend to your contact list by pasting in their public key, and then you just click their name to send them a message, or click the big phone icon to call them.Soon, they'd opened a chat room to discuss the project and created an account on the code hosting and collaboration site Git Hub and began uploading code.Eventually, they settled on the name Tox, and you can already download prototypes of the surprisingly easy-to-use tool.

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There are many ways to make long distance relationships easier.

Eventually, Lohle says, there will be "official" clients for each major operating system, but for now the team is just recommending a few specific clients.

µTox, which is available for Linux and Windows, is a the "bleeding edge" reference design, while q Tox is the project's recommendation for OS X users and Antox is the recommended for Android.

But it's also the birthplace of one of the latest attempts to subvert the NSA's mass surveillance program.

When whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that full extent of the NSA's activities last year, members of the site's tech forum started talking about the need for a more secure alternative to Skype.

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