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Self-pleasuring and other substitutes didn’t offer the blood pressure–leveling punch of actually doing it.

For women, sexual intercourse triggered key nerves in the vagina and cervix, was psychologically satisfying and released calming hormones in the brain, more so than any other sex play did—factors that added up to lowered blood pressure.

And those in happy relationships “showed the least stress response,” Coan says. Berman’s research found that unaffectionate couples report more stress and depression than their cuddling counterparts, and pairs who smooch a lot are eight times less likely to be tense or depressed.Week 1: getting started First step: more kissing, hugging and cuddling.Indeed, simply holding hands can allay stress, Coan’s research shows.D., professor of psychology at the University of the West of Scotland at Paisley.In one study, people kept a diary of their sexual activity for two weeks.

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