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In accordance with Section 3-104(2)(b) of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) — Some bad checks are normally exempt from legal punishment including checks which aren’t payable until a later time.Most states don’t contemplate postdating checks as a fraudulent or criminal action.The payee can also charge the check issuer a service charge not exceeding .00 or five percent of the check, along with any fees billed to the payee by a bank or financial institution due to the dishonored check.These fees should be included by the payee with the written demand for payment delivered certified mail or by overnight delivery.Essentially, I don’t see any point in post-dating a check — it is valid from the moment that I sign it.Then, I spoke with a friend who happens to be a Chase banker, who generalized what a teller would do if a customer came in to deposit or cash a post-dated check before the date shown.One recent, noteworthy topic had to do with post-dated checks and what happens to them when you attempt to deposit or cash the checks before the date written on them. If I were to post-date a check, it would probably be because I don’t yet have enough funds in my account to cover the check amount.

A judge might have to see whether the checks given in evidence bear sequential serial numbers, or appear to have been written at the same time. Special rules apply if a check postdated by more than five days is given to a debt collection agency or a creditor who regularly collects its own debts.The primary difference between criminal and civil violations lies in the intention of the one who issues the bad check.Under Georgia state law, if someone issues issues a bad check understanding the bank or other association wouldn’t honor it for another motive (such as a closed account) or there were insufficient funds, then this is a criminal misdemeanor unless t When written demand is demanded by the payee in Georgia — fees should be included by the payee with the written demand for payment delivered by certified mail.If the check is returned for insufficient funds, I have to pay an expensive insufficient funds fee, which averages .20 at the top 10 U. So, yes, you can deposit a post-dated check before the date shown, but it isn’t advised.Be prepared for the possibility that the check funds won’t be available.

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