Mount st helens eruption false dating

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Peter Mc Dougall then made high quality glass paperweights at his own glass studio, PMc D Glass Studio Ltd. The studio is now closed but Peter plans to continue to make a limited number of paperweights in the future.Miniature Size: Just over 2" diameter by 1 3/16" high.When Perthshire was formed in 1968, he left Strathearn to move to Perthshire and worked there in many positions, eventually becoming Manager and Chief Glassmaker.Perthshire Paperweights closed early in 2002 after the death of the owner Neil Drysdale.Below the central bubble is another smaller smaller bubble.All of these bubbles are arranged in a cloud of tiny bubbles over a clear crystal ground.Since the Rosenthal mark on this paperweight does not identify the country of origin (normally Germany), it is possible that the paperweight was made at Waterford, but I have no evidence one way or the other. For extra pictures, click on the picture at the right and the following links: Peter Raos Vincent Van Gogh Paperweight Perfume Bottle. This wonderful perfume bottle was made by Peter Raos in New Zealand. The base is partially finished with some remnant of the pontil mark and a hole in the center. This miniature paperweight features a scramble or end of the day design and is finished as a eight pointed star. It is signed in the design with a complex cane made from four separate letter canes forming the signature PMc D (as shown in the close-up).

Added 11/7/2017 For more paperweights by contemporary American paperweight makers, see my Contemporary American Paperweights Web Page. Magnum Rosenthal Studio-Linie Bubble Glass Paperweight probably 1970s. This wonderful Rosenthal paperweight features a cosmic image of a solar system with six bubbles arranged around a central bubble.In 1970 James Lundberg founded a small "backyard" studio Nouveau Glass in San Jose, California.He was joined by his brother Steven Lundberg, Daniel Salazar, David Salazar, and several other glass artists. They were known for their surface decorated designs and torchwork and later for their lampwork.The original paperweight production was an after hours activity at Cambridge Glass by Charles and his two sons in the 1920s.John also produced paperweights to help meet the demand. Of the two, Charles Degenhart was the more skilled artistically.

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