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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Main Entry: 1in·ti·mate Pronunciation: 'in-t&-"m At Function: transitive verb Inflected Form(s): -mat·ed; -mat·ing Etymology: Late Latin intimatus, past participle of intimare to put in, announce, from Latin intimus innermost, superlative of Old Latin *interus inward -- more at INTERIOR1 : to make known especially publicly or formally : ANNOUNCE2 : to communicate delicately and indirectly : HINTsynonym see SUGGEST - in·ti·mat·er noun - in·ti·ma·tion /"in-t&-'m A-sh&n/ noun Noun Main Entry: 3in·ti·mate Pronunciation: 'in-t&-m&t Function: noun: an intimate friend or confidant Adjective Main Entry: 2in·ti·mate Pronunciation: 'in-t&-m&t Function: adjective Etymology: alteration of obsolete intime, from Latin intimus1 a : INTRINSIC, ESSENTIAL b : belonging to or characterizing one's deepest nature2 : marked by very close association, contact, or familiarity 3 a : marked by a warm friendship developing through long association b : suggesting informal warmth or privacy 4 : of a very personal or private nature - in·ti·mate·ly adverb - in·ti·mate·ness noun did it mean what anyone thought it meant? Mirbah , If you use the same dictionary it will..."HA" Yeah,some think sex is the operative word or the starting point to be intimate.... I think so,because friendship is classified as intimate.... Mirbah, if I'm reading this correctly as an adjective vertraut doesn't change but as a noun it is given an "e" to become vertraute, a 3 syllable word. However would you prefer we ladies refer to it as we were screwing?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... If any one has one, go get it, and look up that word, we see it on here every day, and yes, i know what the ladies are saying, in this context, but it also say's to me, other thing's, i geuess i'm just to old, and i've been dating almost as long as most of you are old, all i won't to say, with out Intimacy, your not going to go any where in a relationship, and it's a given, if you become an iteam, you will make a bond with your partener, isn't that what we'er here for, is itimacy? So, for nouns we use der for masculine, die for feminine, or das for neuter. Intimate ta me means knowin'/feelin' deep situations. I think saying we were being intimate or involved in intamacy... hint I think a intimate friend is someone who you two are so close with, that you trust each other with your life, and can tell each other anything and everything.

This can put us in deep social water with people who might simply be enthusiastic swimmers but could also be sea monsters.

Experts who study predatory criminals advise wariness when anyone shares too much information too soon.

As she confided more, he volunteered stories of his own romantic traumas to help her feel at ease.Then a teammate informed her that Coach had not only confided in several other soccer players, the entire cheerleading squad, and a comely female bus driver but had also shared Amy's personal disclosures with others -- comments she had never meant for any ears but his.Coach Greene's emotional sluttiness left her feeling both exposed and jilted, an adolescent heartbreak that still stings many years later.Amy fell for Coach Greene like Juliet on estrogen, telling him all about her own life, including details about her friends.Their intimacy, while never physical, was so emotionally fraught that Amy's interest in boys her own age evaporated (to this day, she dates much older men).

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