Consolidating payroll fein

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For more than 30 years, as a sole proprietor of 2 unrelated businesses, I have been required to combine the payroll data for the companies into one filing because I am only allowed to have one Federal ID number. The data for payroll taxes must be generated manually, leading to errors. The data submitted is not directly from the accounting systems of the companies causing confusion when verification is required. The data is incorrectly stated for the businesses because it must be processed under one Federal ID combining the data of 2 companies. I am unable to file electronically from either company because the data will only be accepted once per Federal ID number, per month. Until recently, payment was difficult, we had to use our bank as a depository, so that checks could be issued from each company, since they each have their own bank accounts, accounting systems, payroll data, employees, etc.

We are now able to specify two separate bank accounts to allow payment from each company, however, we cannot submit the data that generates the payment, from each.

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