Biel dating jessica justin timberlake

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In January of 2007, Justin was hot off the coals from a four-year stint with Cameron Diaz (remember that? He dove from one serious relationship to another, and by May, Timberlake and Biel were taking overseas trips together.

Four years later Biel told 's Jonathan Heaf (whose interview with the actress was accidentally left out of several copies of the January 2011 issue after an embarrassing printing error at the magazine) that Justin Timberlake was the one part of her life she still owned and she wanted to keep it that way (via ).

For 10 years now, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been a fixture of Hollywood romance.

It seems that practically every other day, either Justin or Jess posts something ridiculously cute or gushes about their marriage to the press.

With Biel done addressing the guests and all eyes falling on Timberlake, those gathered to celebrate expected a similarly romantic reply from the pop star-turned-actor, though what they got was a drunken frat boy response.

JT reportedly got to his feet and yelled "yeah b*****s," dismissing his wife's words and shocking her friends.

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